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Warranty And Repair Guide

Digi Parallel Imports ltd will meet our obligations under the consumer guarantees act. All our products carry a one year warranty excluding the consumable parts and accessories listed below. Consumable parts and accessories including Batteries, Chargers, Headsets, cables and memory cards carry a six months warranty. All mobile phone cases are carry with three months warranty.



Repair process Our warranty is return to base; all faulty products should be returned to our stores with a copy of your original receipt. Your receipt lists a serial number of your product and it's your only proof of purchase. Faulty units will be logged in and you will be provided with a job number. Faulty units will be sent to an independent service agent for assessment. All items will be repaired if possible, if a repair is not possible we will arrange for a replacement unit of similar specifications, and the warranty will carry on from the initial date of purchase. The assessment and repair process can take 7-15 working days. Some delays may occur if there is a shortage of parts.


Assessment Bond

All service items are subject to a $45 deposit payable at the time of booking the item in.


The Assessment Bond is refundable if

The device is within the warranty period.
The device fault is covered under warranty.


The Assessment Bond will NOT be refunded if

There was no fault found.
The fault is not covered under warranty.
The device is outside the warranty period.


The Warranty applies if

The device and its accessories are handled properly for the intended use, in accordance with the operating instructions.
The device has failed due to faulty parts within the warranty period.


The Warranty may not apply and the device may not be repairable if

There is Liquid/Moisture damage.
Damage caused by unreasonable use, including but not limited to impact damage, power surge, misuse or neglect.
There is evidence of repair or tampering by an un-authorized person.
The fault is caused by use of non-original accessories.
The device has been damaged during rough handling, exposure to harsh environments (including extreme temperatures, leaving in direct sunlight, excessive dust or signs of physical damage).
The fault is caused by corrupted Software (Due to full memory, installation of third party software/applications or otherwise).
The fault occurs outside the warranty period.
The fault is normal wear and tear of the device.


What is liquid damage?

Liquid damage refers to any signs of corrosion that may be present in the device on a printed circuit board, component or user interface. In some cases, the liquid damage may not be visible to the naked eye but can be detected with the use of a professional microscope. Liquid damage causes "Latent damage" to the circuitry. This means that although the device may appear to be operational, there is internal degradation to the circuitry which may result in a failure.


Possible causes of liquid damage may include but not limited to

Immersion in liquid.
Abnormal perspiration.
Exposure to steam.
Excessive humidity.
Condensation (When moving from a cool or air-conditioned environment into a warmer, humid environment).


Data Loss warning for Electronic device repairs

Electronic devices may lose some or all the user software settings and data in the process of assessment, diagnosis and repair and these might not be recoverable. It is your responsibility to back up data prior to booking in the device for assessment.

Digi-Parallel Imports and the repair agents take no responsibility for loss of data stored should it occur during assessment and/or repair or for any other consequential personal or business loss including but not limited to goodwill, wasted expenditure.


Unclaimed Repairs

All products not picked up within 50 days of being advised, will become the property of the repairer. This could be disposed of, used for spare parts or sold to recover repair costs.


Why do we choose Omni Tech as our authorised repair partner?

Omni Tech is an authrosied repair centre for The Warranty Group NZ. Omni Tech has the means to repair any model of mobile phone. Their workshop has the latest diagnostic equipment to fully diagnose and repair faulty handsets. Equipped with the latest knowledge over technology repairs, engineers at Omni Tech are highly skilled and capable of repairing most mobile phone models. Considering the competitive service level, quality workmanship and efficiency of service, we proudly choose Omni Tech as our authorised repair centre.

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Do I have to be home to receive my items?
All deliveries must be signed for when you receive them; deliveries cannot be made to PO Boxes. If you are unable to take delivery of your items in person - or if you have not received them within a reasonable period - please Contact Us or contact the Digi Parallel Imports fulfilling your order.
Can I nominate a different delivery address to the billing address?
You may choose to have products delivered to an address different to the billing address. However, we cannot deliver one order to multiple delivery addresses; in this instance, you must order items separately and assign the different delivery addresses to each.
Can I choose to pick up my order in person?
When buying online, you have the option to pick up your order from a Digi Parallel Imports Store: it's quick, convenient and free. Simply select the "Pick up instore" option and nominate your preferred location. When you complete your payment we will send you an email order confirmation and once the store has prepared your order, you will receive another email notifiying you your order is ready to collect.
What can I do if I have a problem with my new items?
If you are unhappy with the condition or performance of your new items, please contact your local Digi Parallel Imports store for further assistance. You can look up the contact details and opening hours of your nearest store by using our Store Finder.